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How We Plan to Help YOU with AI

Let us know where in your company you need AI! Tell us your stress points, struggles, and let us get to work making you the perfect AI employee & chat bot to help run your company and keep up with demand. 

Always Done For You Setup

Make Adjustments As Needed In Seconds

AI Employees

Provide The Customer Service Your Customers Deserve.

Paying People To Do The Same Repetitive Task?
 Let Our AI employee take care of it!

  • Scalability

  • Improve Efficiency

  • Automate Repetitive Tasks

  • Increased Engagement

  • Cost Effective Communications

  • Fully Tailored

  • Work-Life Balance

AI Chat Bot

Sick of the same chat bots that limit the info you let your customers select from? Not with AgentsGPT! Human like conversations that collect data to actually help your customers.

  • Done For You

  • Cost Effective

  • Quick Response Times

  • Multilingual Support

  • Human Handoff

  • Conversation Summaries

  • Popup Triggers

Reasons To Implement AI

Event Rental Companies

 24/7 Customer Support

AI employees or chatbots can provide 24/7 customer support, allowing event rental companies to offer round-the-clock assistance to their clients.

Efficient Bookings 

AI employees or chatbots can assist in automating the booking process, from initial inquiry to final confirmation, saving time for both customers and staff. You can now focus on running your business.

Suggestive Sales

AI employees or chatbots can provide personalized recommendations to customers based on their event requirements, helping them find the perfect rental options. Customers can ask the bot for recommendations and our AI employees or chat bot can point them in the right direction.

Accepting Payments

AI employees can handle payment processing securely and efficiently, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring a seamless transaction experience for customers. Let our AI chat bot book parties for you, limiting phone calls and freeing up your time as a business owner.

Review Requests

Automate your review requests with AI employees or our AI chatbots. They can gather customer feedback and analyze it to identify areas for improvement, enabling event rental companies to enhance their services and customer satisfaction levels

SMS Marketing

Our AI employees will use SMS marketing to perform any task you need them to complete. You can setup your employee to work on following up on quotes, asking for reviews, booking an event, reminders, and so much more. The repetitive tasks you do daily can be done by your very own AI Employee. 

I Have Questions Regarding AI Employees!

Over 15 Years Of Party Rental Experience...

AgentsGPT is owned by 2 former event rental company owners. Together we grew some of the largest party rental companies in our area and provided fun for thousands of satisfied customers over the years. We UNDERSTAND the growing pains and want to help you provide not only the best customer support for your customers, but grow as efficiently possible with AI technologies. 


Implement AI Into Your Party Rental Company

Real-time Data
Pop Ups
Simple Integration
Fully Tailored
Sales Funnels
High Accuracy
Mobile App
AI Employee Advantages

AI employees are a huge advantage to any party rental company as they can provide 24/7 customer support, efficient appointment scheduling, personalized recommendations, and streamlined communication, ultimately improving profitability and reducing labor costs.

API Is YOUR Advantage! 

We can easily connect our AI chat bot and AI employees into your current software. ERS, Inflatable Office & BCN all have API so we can connect our AI employees or chat bot seamlessly to help you with your AI needs.

Simple Integration Done for You! 

The integration of our AI chat bot is super simple and fast, and the training process for our chat bot is highly efficient, ensuring a smooth implementation and optimal performance.

AI Employee Example

In this video we show you how we setup and AI Employee for an SEO company to finish the signup process for a new SEO client. AI Employees should be implemented into your company if you are paying people to do repetitive tasks over and over again. They are perfect for client outreach via SMS for offering deals, and really any task you want automated in your event rental company to replace human interaction.

AI Chat Bot Example

AgentsGPT has a fully customizable AI chat bot that is ready to help you provide the customer service your customers deserve. Our chat bots scan any information you want it to learn and will respond based on that data. This allows for the chat bot to be fully tailored to your company needs. The chat bot can assist with product recommendations, insurance certificates, quotes, and even offer coupons while collecting data for you to use in the future.

We're passionate about delivering the best Ai business growth services for companies just starting out as startups or industry players that have established their market position a long time a ago.

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