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Outshine Your Rivals for Chosen Keyword Phrases, Every Time

Ensure the top search engines recommend your business to every potential customer.

Become The Company Your Customers Notice First.


Your company will appear as a "suggested term" to your customers, even before they encounter your competitors. Secure the first spot in your customers' searches with Ai Autocomplete.

Take The Whole Page

You built a great business.  Let us get you in front of the customers. 

Currently, newer companies with less industry experience are outpacing you simply because they're more adept online. However, technological savvy doesn't guarantee superior customer service. We've seen businesses with a 40-year legacy lose to newcomers who excel in online visibility. It's time to reclaim your deserved position. With Ai Autocomplete, your company will be the first thing every searching customer sees. Your name will catch the eye of anyone in need of your products or services. Propel your business back to the top spot with Ai Autocomplete.

Eliminate Your Competition

The size of your competition is irrelevant!

Previously, small businesses struggled to match the online presence of large corporations, but that changes today! Plus, with our no-success, no-fee policy, there's zero risk involved.

We Identify the Optimal Keywords for Your Business

Typically, campaigns begin to show results on Bing within 45 days. Don't let your competitors beat you to the punch. Keywords are exclusive; once claimed, they're unavailable for others. This pool does not allow for second chances.

America Shops The First Page

It's widely acknowledged that few people venture beyond the first page of search results. Usually, consumers scan the first page, and if they don't find what they're seeking, they adjust their search term and search anew. You have the opportunity to appear in the suggestion box offered by Google and Bing. This means, when customers are searching for your product or service, you'll pop up as a search engine recommendation. This visibility gives consumers the assurance they need to choose your business.


What is Ai Autocomplete?

Ai Autocomplete positions your business in the auto-complete suggestions of Google, and Bing, ensuring you're seen by customers before your competition. For a significant edge over rivals, select the most impactful keyword phrases in your field and take command of Ai Autocomplete.

Google reports that approximately 71% of searches utilize the auto-complete feature. That's exactly where you'll be positioned.

We Deliver Results

Innovative Approach

While many companies invest heavily in SEO and Pay-Per-Click strategies, we position you in the auto-complete suggestions of Google, and Bing, ensuring your customers see you first.

Keys to Success

You'll be the sole company appearing in your customers' auto-complete suggestions. By selecting your company from these suggestions, customers will skip over your competition, granting you exclusive ownership of the entire first page.

Comparing Ai Autocomplete to Traditional SEO and PPC

Ai Autocomplete, a novel technology, is often measured against the familiar territory of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Yet, a closer look at the search results reveals minimal resemblance. Envision Ai Autocomplete as SEO, but supercharged. The disparities are significant, empowering businesses to lead their market and industry.

Ai Autocomplete

  • Fixed monthly cost; outperforms competitors

  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing website, minimal to no access needed

  • Delivers steady results every month

  • Excludes competitors from the first page of Google and Bing

  • Becomes fully effective within 60-90+ days

  • Can secure all 10 organic positions on the first page of Google and Bing

  • Enhances brand visibility in the auto-complete suggestions

  • Grants exclusive rights to selected keywords, with no resale

  • Elevates perceived authority through auto-complete presence

  • Offers higher ROI with quicker outcomes, increased click-through rates, and lower monthly expenses

  • Prioritizes organic search results, which attract 60-70% of online search queries


  • Monthly expenses can soar into the thousands just to match competitors.

  • Demands continuous updates for website and social media optimization.

  • Daily results fluctuate; competitors are employing similar strategies.

  • Competitors are also visible on the first page of Google and Bing.

  • Achieving even a single first-page spot can take 6-8 months or longer.

  • Might secure only one position on the first page of Google and Bing.

  • Lacks visibility in auto-complete, diminishing brand awareness and perceived authority.

  • Outcomes can decline if competitors enhance their strategies.

  • Yields lower ROI due to increased expenses, fewer click-throughs, and intensified competition.

  • Cannot provide reliable guarantees for outcomes.

The ultimate advantage - AI Autocomplete outshines traditional SEO and PPC by a significant margin. We elevate your business's online presence, securing all 10 spots on the first page compared to just one with conventional SEO, dramatically increasing the likelihood of user engagement and customer conversion. AI Autocomplete offers a superior return on investment over traditional methods, thanks to its cost-effectiveness and enhanced click-through rates. Moreover, it provides stability in both outcomes and expenses. As you plan your next online marketing move or are currently employing SEO or PPC strategies, consider how we can drive your success more effectively and profitably.


You can reduce expenditure on costly pay-per-click campaigns and SEO efforts. Gain exclusive control over the entire first page of search results.

Advantageous Position

Whenever someone enters your selected keyword phrase, they will encounter your business before any of your competitors.

Sole Ownership

Your business will be the exclusive listing for the keyword phrase you select. We guarantee never to sell the same keyword phrase to another client.

Move quickly, as once a competitor claims a keyword phrase, it's no longer available.

  • Select the top keyword phrases your customers use to discover you.

  • Cut costs on pay-per-click campaigns with direct customer searches leading to you.

  • Appear immediately when your keyword phrase is entered in Google, and Bing.

  • Enhance your digital presence as customers begin to search for your business by name.

  • Quick setup. Start attracting new customers within 45 days through our Ai Autocomplete.

Attract More Clients. Cost-efficient and Impactful.

Appear at the forefront of every search your customers make.

This marketing platform is unmatched, something your competitors won't possess. Ensure your business is the first one customers encounter when searching for your products or services.

  •  Gain new customers while outmaneuvering your competition.

  • Position yourself directly in the path of customers searching for you on Google, and Bing.

  • Affordable packages tailored to fit your budget.

  • Ongoing support and deliver monthly performance reports.

  • Ensure visibility across all computer platforms and mobile devices.

On the First Page of Search Results
Our goal is to ensure that your company exclusively dominates the entire first page of search results. Unique visibility!

Exclusive Technology
Our technology offers you a distinct competitive advantage, unmatched by anyone else in the industry.

Streamlined Process
Selecting the keyword phrases that attract customers is all you need to do; we handle everything else.

Global Reach
While your focus might be on attracting customers from your city, our service ensures that anyone, anywhere in the world, typing in your keyword phrase will discover your business.

Optimized for Mobile Devices
Our technology is fully compatible with all mobile devices, ensuring your customers can find you on their computer, tablet, or phone.

We offer an affordable solution for gaining a competitive advantage over your rivals.

Getting Started is Easy

We've designed this program to be straightforward and cost-effective, enabling widespread access to this technology for customer acquisition. Your chosen keyword phrase is exclusively yours; we guarantee not to sell it to anyone else. Once you secure a keyword phrase, it's off-limits to your competitors.

Still have doubts?

Question: Is there an ongoing payment required while waiting for our business to appear in auto-complete?
Answer: No, you only need to make the reservation fee payment. Subsequent payments are only due once one of your keywords appears in auto-complete.

Question: Will my business be visible in mobile searches?
Answer: Absolutely. Your business will be visible on all devices across Google, and Bing.

Question: How long will it take for our business to appear in auto-complete?
Answer: Typically, your business will begin appearing in Bing's auto-complete within 45-60 days. For Google, expect to see your company in auto-complete within 180 days.

Local and National

We offer solutions for both local and national businesses

If you're a local business aiming to get ahead of your competition, our local Ai Autocomplete program is designed to assist you. Position your business directly in the path of potential clients actively searching for services in your area of expertise. Allow us to guide you in adopting a strategy that secures the optimal keyword phrases your customers employ to discover your local establishment.

If your business operates nationwide or offers services to clients across the country, our national Ai Autocomplete program can place you in front of thousands of potential customers each month. We're here to craft a tailored strategy with you, aimed at attracting new business.

We can achieve outcomes for you.

Streamlined Procedure

We've simplified the process for you. Just tell us the keyword phrases your customers frequently use to find you online, and we'll ensure your company appears right where these customers are looking.

Dedicated Support

We'll provide regular updates on your campaign's progress through detailed reports. Whenever a keyword appears in Google, YouTube, or Bing, you'll receive a notification, enabling you to gear up for incoming customers.

Begin today and take control of the keyword phrases that lead customers directly to you. 

The Advantages of Ai Autocomplete

With Ai Autocomplete, you can implement a strategic move to bypass your competition. This is one time when thinking "inside-the-box" can give you the advantage you need.

Ai Autocomplete Gets Results

Up to now, in order to truly compete, you would have to SEO yourself to the top of page 1 and pay for every click from your customers in a pay-per-click campaign. Now you can bypass the competition, eliminate pay-per-click and own the entire organic search results.

It's Called, Ai Autocomplete

Through our Autocomplete-Optimization program, we leverage search box optimization to ensure your company's name is where everyone's attention is focused: the search box. This is where queries begin and where your business will emerge in the auto-suggestions. This visibility makes it seem like you're widely recommended or hold the highest authority. For this reason, potential customers are more likely to choose your company, especially when it appears that search engines like Google and Bing are pointing them in your direction.

Thinking "inside the box" with Ai Autocomplete

Through our Autocomplete-Optimization program, we specialize in optimizing your presence in the most crucial online real estate—the search box. This is where your company name becomes a focal point, appearing in auto-suggestions as if it comes highly recommended or holds significant authority. This strategic positioning encourages users to choose your company, influenced by the perception that platforms like Google and Bing are endorsing your business. Why not leverage this advantage, when, from the customer's perspective, the major search engines appear to recommend choosing you?

If you are not sure on the keyword to use, we will help

Most of the time you know which keyword phrases bring you customers. But sometime you don't know which would be the best. We can help. Our team of experts will work with you to find the best keywords for your industry.

Our goal is to build a long-lasting relationship.  That starts with making sure you are using keyword phrases that will drive in new customers. When you submit your order for Autocomplete-Optimization, our team will review the keyword phrases you submitted and will follow-up with you if we find any keyword phrases we feel you should consider.  We will perform keyword research based on the following:

Monthly Search Volume
Keyword Competitiveness
Pay-Per-Click Bid Costs
Searches Related to Buyers vs. Researchers
Urgent Need Phrases


How long does it take to see my company in the Google and Bing?

In order to get you into the autocomplete, we need to establish authority for the keyword phrase. The time that it takes can vary depending upon the competitiveness of the keyword phrase, but look for the keyword phrases to start showing up in Bing within 45 days, and Google 90+ days.

What is a local keyword phrase?

We sell keyword phrases for local and national businesses. A local keyword phrases means that you have a location designation in the phrase. For instance, "garage door repair Buffalo" would be a local keyword phrase, whereas "garage door repair" would be a national keyword phrase. When purchasing a national keyword phrase, you should be able to assist customers across the country. National keyword phrases are great for franchise businesses, but local keywords drive customers to the local business.

Are there any extra fees?

For the Ai Autocomplete campaigns, there are no fees other than the monthly cost. We have no hidden costs - your monthly cost is locked in when you submit your order.  We may recommend additional services or vendors, outside the scope of and Ai Autocomplete campaign, for which there would be additional costs.

Do I own exclusive use of the keyword phrase, or do you sell the same keyword to my competitors.

Once a keyword phrase is sold, it is no longer available. To test if the keyword phrase that you want is still available, just go to Google or Bing and type in the keyword phrase. If the auto-completes box shows any company name after the keyword phrase in the suggestion box, the keyword phrase is taken. If not, then the keyword phrase is likely still available. There may be times when the keyword phrase has been purchased, but not yet appearing in the auto-complete. Contact us today to verify your best keywords are still available.

Your results are amazing. Do you use any black or gray hat methods to attain those results?

We do not. In order to influence the auto complete, Google looks to see what is currently trending, so our process works down the lines of social influences, to gain authority for the website and to build social awareness, and do it in such a way that meets Google’s algorithm standards for determining what to suggest in the auto-complete. This social media trending work that we do is very specific to getting Google to start suggesting your company in the auto-complete. So we do some things similar to SEO, but specifically tailored towards influencing the indicators that Google looks at to determine what to put in the auto-suggest, which is mostly social trending.

Is Ai Autocomplete the same as the SEO that I have now?

No. Ai Autocomplete gives your business much more. More presence and exposure online, more spots on the first page of Google, and Bing, more click-throughs to your website and, ultimately, more revenue. Bottom line - would you rather appear once on the first page of a search engine, or ten times? Ai Autocomplete gives your business ten+ appearances on search engine result pages.

Do you track results?

Yes we do. In fact, our tracking and reporting system can also track all leads from all marketing campaigns and sources. AgentsGPT will produce regular reports to show you the additional traffic we drive to your business, no matter the source. Our product is at the forefront of online search technology and will give your business an unfair advantage in regards to the chosen keywords.

Will AgentsGPT provide my business with strong leads?

Absolutely! Consumers use search engines like Bing, and Google because they have a need or a want. When they begin their search they are a prospect. When they click onto a listing for your business, they become a qualified lead. Because our campaigns bring all of this content to the first page of Bing, and Google, users will find your website pages, too.

Will this increase my business?

Google tells us that 71% of all users engage in the auto-complete. Over 91% of users look at the auto-complete, but 71% of the people actually use the auto-complete. When a user looks for your product or service and they see you suggested in the auto-complete, it tends to give them increased confidence in your company brand. Of, course, when the user clicks on your keyword campaign in the auto-complete, the goal is for every organic listing to display your business, not your competition's. Our customers experience a spike in business.

Besides appearing in the autocomplete, does Ai Autocomplete do anything else online for my business?

Yes, we do. Your business can appear in every organic listing on the first page of Google and Bing. Autocomplete will also enhance your overall online presence and authority for each search engine. Autocomplete will give your business consistency in results and monthly costs. For more details, please view the video on our Home Page and our Advantages page. Or, contact us today!

What is This?

Ai Autocomplete is a strategy that allows you to capture your customers' attention before they even encounter your competitors. We position your company in the auto-suggest feature of Google, and Bing, ensuring your customers discover you first.

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