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Our Mission

The mission of AgentsGPT is to empower organizations with cutting-edge Ai technologies. We strive to deliver intelligent solutions that enhance productivity, foster innovation, and unlock new possibilities across various industries. Revolutionize your customer interactions and stay ahead in the era of conversational Ai all while converting leads into paying customers and providing the best 24/7 support to all clients!

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Multilingual Capabilities

Generate Interest

Employ persuasive language and tailored recommendations to captivate their attention.


Send personalized reminders to reduce the risk of missed appointments and increase customer satisfaction.

Follow Up

Send personalized, collect feedback, and provide updates with quickness and precision.


Handle task such as calendar management, appointment scheduling, and resource allocation with great efficiency. 


Real-time assistance, product recommendations, tailored shopping experiences, and address customer queries. 


Improve response times, accuracy, and attain exceptional customer experiences.

Data Collection

Collect customer data by utilizing forms, review request, and text based interactions. 

Human Handoff

Transfers control of the conversation to a human operator when it can't adequately address the user's needs or when the user requests to speak with a human. 

Utilize AgentsGPT Across Various Industries

Customers of platforms like Shopify, Wix, GoDaddy, and Square Online employ Ai employees to facilitate repeat orders, request reviews, and generate engaging promotions.

Real Estate
Ai employees can significantly aid real estate professionals lead generation and management, appointment scheduling, sending reminders, send property listings, and more.

Ai employees can greatly assist the finance industry with customer service automation, sending reminders, data collection, plus more.

Marketing Agencies
Ai employees can significantly assist marketing agencies with lead generation, content creation, scheduling appointments, sending reminders, and help their clients put Ai employees to work. 

Ai employees can play a significant role in automating administrative tasks from appointment scheduling, sending reminders, patient communication, and patient feedback. 

Ai employees can play a significant role in insurance companies assisting with claims, customer service, renewals, plus more.

Ai employees help automotive businesses with service scheduling, appointment reminders, get more test drives, customer relationship management, and sales.  

Ai employees can provide valuable assistance to plumbing businesses with appointment scheduling, customer service automation, customer feedback analysis, and lead generation.

Ai employees can significantly enhance shipping service businesses by sending shipping updates, order related support, and more.

Ai employees can provide valuable assistance to painting companies with project planning, scheduling, customer relationship management, capturing leads.

Ai employees can play a significant role in enhancing various aspects of legal service businesses by handline client intake, case management, and scheduling appointments.

Event Rental
Ai employees can offer several benefits to event rental companies with personalized recommendations, customer feedback analysis, streamlined booking processes, and more.

Home Services
Ai employees help home service businesses secure every opportunity and foster repeat business.

Waste Services
Ai employees engineered to help waste service businesses capture every lead, foster repeat business, generate reviews, and dispatch invoices.

Hair Salons
Ai employees can revolutionize hair salon businesses with appointment scheduling and management, personalized customer experiences, and more.

Ai employees can significantly enhance membership management and retention, send invoices, and collect payments.


Become 100% More Streamlined

  • Monitor dialogue excellence

  • Safeguard brand congruence

  • Establish your brand voice and protections 

  • Track real-time revenue effects


Rigorous Safeguarding of Data Privacy

  • Your business rules

  • GDPR

  • CCPA



Dependable and Credible Responses Round The Clock

  • Your Facts

  • Your Staff

  • Your Interactions

Tailored Data Collecting

Q & A

Have a long curated list of Q & A docs of the same 500 questions you are paying support representatives to respond? Let your Ai Employees take care of all of that!

Upload Files

Scan any number of documents/files for your Ai Employees to read and understand. Our bots only need to see the info 1x.  


Enable real-time notifications of specific events to other applications or services over the web. Connect to thousands of apps with Pabbly or Zapier.

Website URL

Scan Your website and specific URL's allowing your Ai Employee to reply based specifically on your data, NOT the competition or Google

Custom Content

Let your Ai employee scan ANY specific content you want it to understand and reply based off of. We mean it when we say FULLY TAILORED.

Support Docs

Limit those customer service calls by having your Ai Employee scan your support docs and reply. Nice thing about Ai Employees is they work while you and your staff sleep. 

Custom Automations




We're passionate about delivering the best Ai business growth services for companies just starting out as startups or industry players that have established their market position a long time a ago.

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